Create a user flow that’s clear and understandable can be a pretty hard task. Let’s see some methods to help you do it effectively.

Creating and explaining the user flow is an important phase of the product design process.

The user flow technique helps us understand the flow of how users interact with our application. The user flow can be demonstrated in a meeting, in a call, or in a design handoff process. It helps us communicate that information to the developers, QA testers, and product managers so they will have a clearer understanding of the solution we offer.

An image of a user flow by Alvaro Reyes
An image of a user flow by Alvaro Reyes
An image of a user flow by Alvaro Reyes

Unlike a user journey that explains the whole user experience from a bird’s eye view, the user flow focuses on a task that the user…

Design QA is a tool to improve product quality and identify gaps of understanding between the designer and the other team members.

Design QA (Quality assurance) is an essential part of product development, is a process that helps to be sure that the design we created is implemented in the correct way on the product.

people view a screen.
people view a screen.
Discuss the errors with the developers | (Source Unsplash) | Photograph: Arlington Research

It is different from the normal QA process because it focuses more on the visual design itself and its functionality, and usually, a ux designer
would do it.

Not all teams include design QA as a part of their development process. This article will explain why design QA can be useful to your product and how to do it.

Why we need it and What it solved

As product designers, we are always looking for…

A key component of the success of our careers is to develop autodidact skills. Let’s explore some ways to acquire these skills.

After finishing my design degree in 2013, I realized these 4 years helped me develop the ability to study independently. Because of this ability, I can systematically and frequently acquire knowledge myself.

Illustration of bookshelf
Illustration of bookshelf
The ability to self-study is essential to career success

Today this ability is more important than ever, and that because the market changes fast, and to be able to give value and be significant in our jobs, we need to reinvent ourselves every few years. Just look at what happened in the design world, how many industrial designers, architecture, and graphic designers convert their job to UX designers because of changes in the market. …

Design reviews are an integral part of the design process. Let’s see how to do it correctly.

One of the UX designer’s responsibilities is to conduct a design review meeting. I found that designers often feel uncomfortable conducting these meetings. I am not sure about the reason, but I assume that it’s because we need to “sell our work” in these meetings, and “sell” is not our comfort zone.

I began work as a UX designer from a senior position (maybe one day I will write why start from a senior level is a bad idea). Apart from dealing with high-level requests, I needed to conduct this type of meeting. I didn’t have any idea how to…

Life is like a Ferris wheel, Sometimes we are on the top, and sometimes we are on the bottom.

In most cases, the problem is that when we are on the top, we don’t care what will happen when we are on the bottom. But when we are on the top of the Ferris wheel, it is necessary to think about the bottom.
In this article, I want to illustrate how designers waste precious time on the top of this Ferris wheel.

I am fun of podcast books and conferences, and most of my knowledge in the last years comes from these sources. …

If you are a designer that works on a digital product, you know that every Jira ticket starts with a user story.

As a [user], I want [the goal] so that [the reason].”

When I started work as a UX designer in a product company, I didn’t know how to make the process, take the user story, and move it to the final design.
The result was rework and friction with the developers and the product manager.

If you’re working close to other designers, you can study from them, I worked close to the developers, so I learned most from…

In the last years, I was involved in creating multiple design systems, and I must say that creating a design system component is a detailed and
systematic process.
We must build the component with high quality, and we have to think about the component design, the product needs, and the implementation.

When designing a new component, I follow a particular set of processes, and in this article, I would like to share them with you. This article focuses on design components rather than the basics of creating a design system such as colors, typography, layout, and icons.

Design system components

First, you need…

Empathy map from the pilot workshop

Two years ago, I started a new job in a new company, and at some moment, I felt that to be a better designer, I needed to improve other skills more than pure design skills like visual design or UX design. I investigated, and I realized that conduct design thinking workshops could be a useful skill.

I thought about design thinking workshops since creating digital products tends to involve complex cases. In most cases, it is necessary to involve more people to work with the issues and find solutions.

During my degree at the university, I studied a little bit…

Building a small business can improve your monthly incomes. Here I share how I built my own small business that sold bicycle locks, yes bicycle locks.

Facebook posts

The story

In 2015 while searching for my first design position in Barcelona, I worked in the delivery department at Glovo, an on demand delivery service application.
I purchased, picked up and delivered products to the clients ordered through the mobile app.

One afternoon, while I was inside a store, somebody stole my bike. I then bought a new bicycle and two strong locks. Three months later, when I started my first design job, I decided to sell all the equipment that I used while working at Glovo on Wallapop, (a local second-hand market app). …

Edward Chechique

Product designer (UX/UI), Design thinking workshops moderator, and young designers mentor

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