This guide will help you communicate information to the developers during the handoff process in a more effective way

Comic of designer said: Now let’s hand it off
Illustrations Open Peeps by Pablo Stanley

Tips to improve communication skills with developers, product managers, and UX or visual designers to be able to explain your decisions and user experience design ideas in a powerful way

Learn about the product designer role, how it compares to the product manager role, and how to work and collaborate effectively with product designers to deliver a great product.

The article demonstrates the steps I took to design a mobile application with a no-code tool to gain real experience

This article explains how to organize and communicate the information in your Figma files for better collaboration with developers.

Comic of the designer said to the developer, “The implementation looks great”
Illustrations Open Peeps by Pablo Stanley

This article explains how to create a successful onboarding process for product designers after hiring them

This image shows an employee onboarding package, including a laptop, pens, socks, notebooks, stickers, a water bottle, and a coffee cup.
Employee onboarding box

An introduction to the SAAS business model that helps you understand the business side of the company

Every designer wants effective communication with the developers in the team. Here I share a few tips from my experience.

Two people, one speaks, and the other laughs.
A good relationship between designer and developer Photo by Brooke Cagle

Edward Chechique

Product designer (UX/UI), Design thinking workshops moderator, and young designers mentor

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